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Rare Matteo Grassi 1970's Chairs (Pair) - Italy

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These rare 1970’s vintage ‘GOLFO DEI POETI’ Lounge Chairs by Italian design house Matteo Grassi feature a timeless, slimline architectural form. The leather-wrapped steel frame emphasizes the sleek, clean lines and sculptural design by Jacques Toussaint and Patricia Angeloni. The design was edited by Matteo Grassi and features his official stamp of quality along the front crossbar. Perfectly executed in deep tan leather, in excellent vintage condition with subtle signs of age and use, these stunning original 1970’s vintage chairs will add a touch of history and designer style to any space. Combine them with contemporary elements to create a perfectly balanced setting.

NAME: The Gulf of La Spezia is more commonly referred to as Il Golfo dei Poeti (The Gulf of Poets.) This name comes from the many poets, painters, writers and other artists who have and continue to be drawn to the beautiful Gulf of La Spezia and surrounding towns.

*Price is for the pair

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(WxDxH): 730 x 800 x 920
Seat height: 370

Leather-wrapped steel

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