At EDITO, we exclusively stock brands that reflect our strong values of exceptional quality, function and style. Sourced from all over the globe, our collections offer a range of stunning and innovative international furniture for you to enjoy here in New Zealand. After years of experience, these are the brands that we have established a trusting relationship with and we have absolute confidence in their products. We work very closely with our suppliers to create bespoke pieces for our collections, allowing us to design exclusive items that reflect our own distinctive EDITO style that is completely unique to us.


Danish Design

Bolia was born in Denmark, inspired by the vivid nature, Scandinavian design heritage and the surrounding vibrant creativity. Behind each one of the designs is a story of craftsmanship and quality. The Bolia collection is produced in Europe by local manufacturers and furniture upholsterers who have worked in their professions for generations and prioritise the use of natural and sustainable production — with many using solar power and residual waste as their primary energy sources. The focal ethos of the Bolia brand is creating beautiful products that are built to last for many years. Many of the Bolia designs are inspired by nature and timeless form. All the way from the first design sketches to the final product, sustainable decisions are made, with a design sensibility that extends past the realm of trends and into the art of maintaining desirability for future generations.

Designer Profile: Bolia is constantly working to push the boundaries of furniture design. Their talented design collective is a combination of upcoming talents and established names from different corners of the world, each offering their own unique perspective on Scandinavian design.





Italian Design

Camerich is an established aspirational furniture brand and a highly desired investment in quality European lounging. Internationally sought after, the brand stands strongly on a reputation for exceptional attention to detail and dedicated craftsmanship. Camerich sources assured ethical raw materials of the highest grade from all over the globe — including fabrics from Italy, leather hides from Texas, and metal componentry from Germany. Boasting a unique designer style with an emphasis on luxury, Camerich furniture exudes confidence and quality. We love the brand’s diverse directional collection that combines class and comfort with a dedicated approach to creating the perfect bespoke piece for any space.

Designer Profile: A dedicated International design team tracks global trends and influences to develop inline with the Camerich brand philosophy of modern simplicity, executed with unwavering attention to detail. It is near impossible to choose a favourite piece; we want to own the entire collection!





Swedish Design

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden and authentic in every way, Hans K is steeped in years of tradition and expertise of crafting contemporary, timeless pieces produced from sustainable raw materials. Infusing the brand’s rich history with its modern taste, Hans K strikes the perfect balance between generational knowledge and youthful design expression. Through collaborations with high-profile designers, matched with expert craftsmanship, Hans K produces unique and dynamic collections that are highly coveted design pieces with a timeless appeal. We love the Swedish understated refinement and effortless detailing, which express that these are the design classics of the future.

Designer Profile: Designers Markus Johansson and Sami Kallio are part of a dedicated Scandinavian design team, producing exceptional designs that capture a pure yet thoroughly modern Nordic spirit. We would absolutely love to meet these inspirational designers! We may just have to travel to Sweden to experience the design process of future pieces…





Italian Design

With its creative heart based in Italy, TOOU designs and builds exceptional contemporary products. Investing in young international design talent, the brand’s combination of creative vision and expert construction produces objects for everyday use that are both highly desirable and purposeful. By embracing a ‘cross fit aesthetic’ that adjusts to every living style, the TOOU collection consists of coveted affordable pieces that make a strong personal style statement. We love the absolute focus on quality and detail that attributes these long-lasting objects with a timeless design appeal.

Designer Profile: From the Swiss/Italian border in the High Alps of the town of Mendrizo, the vibrant and expressive Simone Viola masterfully designs the perfect contemporary everyday objects for the TOOU collections. Expertly combing global influences, Simone captures a modern aesthetic with references to past eras of design and industry.





Designed and curated by us, for you

With our own distinctive EDITO design flair and style, we work closely with our valued suppliers to create exclusively designed pieces. Capturing the spirit of the brand with emphasis on understated timeless style, each piece is lovingly created with passion and consideration to each and every detail.

The EDITO design and buying team travel the world regularly to source inspiration and materials for the development of our dream products.Meeting with our international furniture producers across the globe, we passionately share our concepts and detailed specifications to create the perfect pieces. Through combining our design vision with the talent and skill of our suppliers, we aim to manifest our furniture dreams into real and exclusive collections of contemporary design classics and ‘must haves.’

We love the excitement of the entire process — from the smell of leather and jet plane fuel, through to putting our feet up on our new favourite sofa. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it!





Belgian Design

The Verdon collection draws its inspiration from the very best of Mid Century design combined with pure, uncomplicated Belgian sensibility. With great passion, energy and dedication to unique handcrafted detail, Verdon sources highly interesting and authentic raw materials to craft into the most perfectly modern vintage pieces for any space — a true collector’s dream.

Aged leathers, hand-beaten metals, raw natural woods, luxurious velvets and tactile pure linens are married with clean, simple design to capture the essence of contemporary edge.

Designer Profile: A collaborative team of creatives from diverse disciplines (including fashion, interiors, art and music) meet monthly in Brussels to discuss future trends, ideas and design. This opportunity creates the perfect ground for identifying burgeoning thoughts and ‘the next big thing’. No wonder Verdon produces such beautiful, timeless, must-have pieces! We quite like the idea of joining in on next month’s meeting...