The wellbeing of the Earth is very important to us here at EDITO. We practise sustainability through conscious selection and providing quality products with an emphasis on longevity. Sustainability is supported within our small business through the concept of 'value over volume' — We carefully curate timeless, quality pieces that are built to last and be treasured for generations to come. We provide heirloom furniture with an emphasis on conscious choices of materials and practices.

At EDITO, provenance matters and every product has a story. These are not temporary pieces — they are investments intended to last for years to come.



Authentic in every way, Hans K is a family business steeped in years of tradition and expertise of crafting contemporary, timeless pieces produced from sustainable raw materials. Infusing the brand’s rich history with its modern taste, Hans K strikes the perfect balance between generational knowledge and youthful design expression. Through collaborations with high-profile designers, matched with expert craftsmanship, Hans K produces unique and dynamic collections that are highly coveted design pieces with a timeless appeal.

"Our furniture is made to last, for your sake but also for the environment. Therefore our furniture is tested by the SP Swedish National Testing Institute to ensure that it has a proper and sustainable construction. We believe that the best environmental arrangement is to avoid wear and tear."

An overall sustainable perspective characterises Hans K's furniture, from raw material to finished product. The quality of work even starts with the product development and design process, where environmental impact can be quantified and minimised from the very beginning. Hans K only uses raw materials from well-managed forestry with respect for nature.

"To offer the best possible quality is an obvious starting point for us at Hans K. But quality is more than being able to offer a well-made product — it is also about taking responsibility for the environment and to ensure fair working conditions, both in our own business as well as in the business of our carefully chosen subcontractors."

"Our controls are not just about the environment, but also about the working conditions. Some of the demands we place on our global partners are the prohibition of child labor and discrimination."



Used by Hans K, bonded leather is a recyclable leather where the leather waste has been combined with a binder on a fabric and has then been surface-treated with polyurethane to preserve looks, scent and feeling. The material breathes and is also elastic and shapeable which makes it follow your body. This fantastic material is environmentally friendly by reusing leftover leather to minimise farming.